Eldorado Biofuels supplies custom solutions in the areas of

Water Treatment
Algae Cultivation
Biofuel Conversion

Eldorado Biofuels specializes in industrial waste water treatment solutions; particularly in the treatment of water  produced as a by-product by the oil and gas industry.

The disposal of such waste water causes a complex problem for the oil and gas industry and generates significant expenses. Currently water is usually disposed of by re-injecting it into Salt Water Disposals (SWDs) or by evaporation at specially permitted evaporative facilities. The physical and chemical properties of industrial waste water vary considerable depending on where the water was produced. Major constituents of concern are salinity, oil and grease, inorganic and organic compounds.

Eldorado Biofuels can save oil and gas producers large amounts of money by treating their water and preparing it for beneficial use. We understand the vast variety of industrial waste water constituents. After detailed analysis, Eldorado Biofuels specifies a custom water treatment process which will produce the required water quality for a particular planned end use. Eldorado Biofuels in cooperation with a number of commercial partners and government agencies has developed leading technologies for the treatment of industrial waste water, utilizing Ultra-Violet Ozone Oxidation (UVOX) technology. Our unique water treatment solutions remove unwanted toxins while preserving wanted constituents. The goal is to recycle treated industrial waste water for applications, such as algae cultivation, certain mining applications and enhanced oil recovery; thereby conserving valuable fresh water.