(Courtesy of LANL and NAABB)

Eldorado Biofuels specializes in using produced water (which constitutes 90% of the fluids extracted from oil and gas wells) for cultivating algae and was the first algae company to do so.  Nutrients for algae can be drawn from municipal wastewater, dairy farm wastewater, carbon-rich produced water from oil and gas industries, and potassium-rich water from potash mining operations.

The large-scale cultivation of algae in such waste streams we can eliminate the unnecessary consumption of fresh water and also minimize the cost of nutrients in algae cultivation, promoting the sustainable use of waste water in a scalable process of algae cultivation that can deliver cost-effective commercial volumes of algal biofuel.

Our team is uniquely capable of achieving this because of our broad experience in algal biology, produced water analysis, and algal cultivation in produced water – experience gained over decades in both laboratory and field.