Eldorado Biofuels supplies custom solutions in the areas of

Water Treatment
Algae Cultivation
Biofuel Conversion

Algae is harvested through centrifugal dewatering. Lipids are then extracted out of the algal biomass. This process produced high-quality algal oil, which is then refined into Algae FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) or Biodiesel. Our biofuels are innovative, environmentally friendly, low carbon and sustainable, while having a beneficial effect on the environment, including consuming unwanted greenhouse gases.

Our approach is highly flexible, efficient, cost effective, eco-friendly, and scalable. At Eldorado Biofuels the concept of efficiency is applied beyond production and processing of biofuels and energy, it also extends to the location of our production facilities. The modular design of our technologies allows us to bring our systems to locations where the ingredients for our processes are vastly available. Instead of having to transport water, CO2, and other necessary nutrients to a central processing site we are taking the processing to where the supplies are. This allows for reduction of transportation costs and related transportation energy consumption. Our systems are also easily scalable, so that we can install the right system with at the right size for any given application.