Eldorado Biofuels supplies custom solutions in the areas of

Water Treatment
Algae Cultivation
Biofuel Conversion

Algae as a biofuel feedstock holds the promise of delivering over 5000 gal/acre/year of biodiesel compared to soy beans, currently used for biodiesel production, which only produce up to 200 gal/acre/year.

In order to grow algae commercially large amounts of land, sunshine, CO2, nutrients and water are needed. Water is typically the most difficult to provide ingredient in this equation. Eldorado Biofuels model is based on the abundance of industrial waste water in the oil and gas fields of the southwest.  This water is rich in nutrients, necessary for efficient algae growth. Beside the water preparation we have carefully selected and cultivated algae strains that thrive in this particular environment, hence being an efficient biofuel feedstock.

Eldorado Biofuels’ model is being continually improved to achieve as close to 100% industrial re-use of all ingoing materials as possible. Our proprietary cultivation process recycles water and essential nutrients from local industrial waste streams, setting higher industry standards towards providing sustainable clean energy and achieving energy independence.